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Challenging work, the chance to learn and gain knowledge from extraordinary people: these qualities comprise the experience. We always welcome passionate minds, those who are generally skillful and serious about their future. is currently looking for highly qualified individuals to join our growing team. Should you have a genuine interest in any of the positions listed below, please do contact us.

  1. Independent Editor - reviewing events and writing articles are what this position is all about.. Excellent writing skills and fresh ideas are indispensable for an independent editor.
  2. Photo / Video Editor - a person holding this position should be able to provide pictures and/or video recordings from the events that our website is dealing with and others.
  3. News writer - a person holding this position is responsible for gathering and writing news for our site. Fluent language skills, the ability to select key information, good organization of work and flexibility are essential for a news writer.
  4. Researcher - the main goal of this position is seeking and retrieving data regarding a variety of events (fairs, exhibitions, conferences etc.) from the Internet and other sources. The advanced knowledge of the global network and search engines are necessary for a researcher.

Feel free to contact us also if you have any other ideas of how you can help