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European Motor Show

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European Motor Show for Light Commercial, Recreational Vehicles & Motorcycles

European Motor Show in Brussels is an international exhibition of light commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. It addresses both the professional visitor and the public. Purpose of the exhibition is mainly to show product novelties rather than display the complete product range of a brand. A trade show for heavy commercial vehicles is staged in two separate exhibition halls.

European Motor Show for Light Commercial, Recreational Vehicles & Motorcycles focuses on two components : Light Commercial Vehicles (Targeting the professional visitors in search of light commercial vehicles of maximum 7,5t from the industrial or commercial transport of goods and passengers) and Recreational vehicles and Motorcycles (Aiming the big public. Mainly motorcycles and recreational vehicles such as all-roads, breaks, MPV's and convertibles are exhibited). The Motor Show aims to create a climate propitious to sales for more than 300,000 expected visitors.

The European Motor Show Brussels is held biennially in the city of Brussels, Belgium. The show was first organized in 1902 in the Jubelpark in Brussels. The show is organized by FEBIAC and is scheduled by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles.

Febiac organises the Motorcar & Motorcycle Show under the name: "the European Motor Show Brussels" This name signals the ambition of Brussels to further strengthen its position as major motor show in the capital of Europe. Brussels is as a matter of fact Europe's first motor show of the year, and as such aims at attracting a larger number of product launches. The purpose of the Motor Show is to be, over a period of one week and two week-ends, the showcase of the motorcar and motorcycle industries and hence to create a climate propitious to sales for over 600.000 expected visitors during these 10 days.


Brussels, Belgium

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