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Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

Performance Racing Industry Trade Show occupies the pride of place as one of the most popular automotive racing industry trade events in the United States. The Annual PRI Show is held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. 

More than 40000 buyers attend the show on a regular basis, hailing from 65 different countries all across the world. As many as 3200 exhibition booths are set up during the show and several special events and topical seminars are also organized there. 

The Advanced Engineering Technology Conference and the Professional Motorsport Circuit Convention are two of the prime highlights at the show, which draws in leading car engine builders, wholesalers and distributors, fabricators and other eminent executives from the racing industry. Over 1100 companies participate at the show, exhibiting different types of air shaft tools, balancing equipments, CAD-CAM solutions, gearings, carburetors and cylinder heads, along with a wide range of other race car accessories. International pavilions are also present at this highly popular trade show.

For 25 years the PRI Trade Show has delivered more race-winning parts, more racing professionals, and more business solutions than anywhere else. 

The annual PRI Trade Show makes it easy, convenient, affordable and efficient for this growing industry to meet once a year to conduct business face to face, and for the attendees to shop all the new racing product lines all in one hall, all at one time.

The three-day trade show provides a professional business atmosphere where the racing industry’s volume buyers can preview the hottest new racing products and build inventory for the start of the next year’s racing season.

The PRI Trade Show is not open to race fans; a person must demonstrate they are part of a racing business in order to be admitted. 


Indianapolis, USA

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