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Sofia Motor Show

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International Specialized Exhibition for Automobiles, Spare Parts and Auto Cosmetics

Sofia Motor Show is the most prestigious automobile show in the country. The event is included in OICA Calendar. Sofia Motor Show takes place biennially in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Inter Expo Center.

The event is organized by The Association of Car Manufacturers and Their Authorized Representatives for Bulgaria (ACM), in cooperation with its long-standing partners – Expo Team Ltd. and Bulgarreklama Agency.

Sofia Motor Show presents exhibition of new brands of various automobile products, such as, passenger cars, specialist vehicles, bikes and motorcycles, spare parts, oil, car audio systems, equipment for garages, instruments, flavorings for cars, alarm systems for cars; and leasing companies, banks and insurance companies.

The event attracts industry professionals as well as the general public.  Wide range of products and services is displayed by the various manufacturers and dealers of automobile components and accessories; audio-video equipment; car-care products; environment and safety equipment; garage and service equipment; mold and dyes; oil and lubricants; petrol vending machines; tyres, batteries and auto electrical.

The authorized automobile dealers in Bulgaria stage their world and regional premieres here, presented on the original stands, designed and supported by the producers themselves. The event targets numerous admirers of cars as well as to all visitors engaged in the automobile industry.

Traditionally, the exhibition reflects the latest trends in the industry, provides an excellent opportunity for direct contacts, trade negotiations and sales to potential customers and target audience, convenient and affordable way to demonstrate the quality of the products.


Sofia, Bulgaria


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