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Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo

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 Leading Tire Show in Latin America & the Caribbean

The Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo is a tire convention (at the industry level, not open to the public) where tire manufacturers (such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, etc.) are invited to attend as exhibitors. The buyers and visitors are tire retailers and distributors from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Goal of the show is to reunite both parties to expand business on both ends. The event includes 4-days of exhibitions, 1 day of conferences, and a huge inaugural celebration filled with Carnaval dancers, drinks and Panamanian food.

The Expo began in 2010 and has since been a huge success, each year increasing by at least 30%. Given that the Expo is unique in nature, it is the only tire exclusive show in Latin America and the Caribbean, buyers and exhibitors have a high demand to be at the show.

The event is an excellent opportunity to meet and connect directly with tire, wheel, and related company industry leaders who are looking for new distributors for their products. The expo features more than 200 international exhibitors, including manufacturers and major suppliers of tires, tire retreading and recycling, wheels, and related equipment.

Panama is a strategic venue, and a familiar and economical location for exhibitors to present their products to the Latin and Caribbean markets. It is also a location visited by thousands of Latin American and Caribbean business people due to the Panama Canal and the duty free zone. Panama is an international air and ocean hub, making it easy for travelers to reach.


Panama City, Panama


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