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Defense Services Asia Exhibition & Conference

Defense Services Asia Exhibition and Conference is held at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Over the years, the DSA series has built up a firm reputation as the first defense exhibition in Asia, putting Malaysia firmly to the fore within the defense and security exhibition arena. The event is supported by Malaysian Ministry of Defense, Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysia Police. Working in close collaboration with the Malaysian government, this organization strives to create a perfect meeting place for the global leaders and professionals in the sector to meet and interact with the defense industry experts.

The biennial event has consistently and continuously showcased the latest equipment, technology, weaponry and groundbreaking advancements in security and safety. Having met with success since the time of its inception in 1988, DSA Exhibition And Conference is a premier company that runs with the chief aim of organizing one of the most popular series of trade shows dealing with the field of defense and security, the Defense Services Asia exhibitions and conferences.

DSA is a display of the world's sophisticated hardware and electronic warfare in land, air and sea defense, battlefield healthcare products/technology, training & simulation systems and police and security peripherals. DSA continues playing a pivotal role in bringing together the key players in the defense industry and government agencies for strategic alliances, business collaboration and successful networking. Defense Services Asia Exhibition and Conference features discussions on international security issues and simplifies the challenges pertaining to these industries. This event provides ground for a wide range of business activities and is an excellent networking and socializing platform.

Defense Services Asia Exhibition and Conference invites visitors who are chief security officers, civil defense officials, facilities managers, physical security specialists, police officials and security enforcement agencies.

The exhibitors, especially welcomed during the DSA, are manufacturers, producers and distributors of defense technology equipment and weapons, missiles, tanks, fire control systems and other related technology and systems. There are also exhibitors who are manufacturers of video surveillance systems and crime prevention materials. The theme for each DSA is based on the region’s current issues and pressing needs. 


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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