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International Salon of Civil Aviation and Aeronautics

The trade show InterAeroCom. Saint-Petersburg - International Salon of Civil Aviation and Aeronautics takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia. The event is held at Lenexpo - one of the best exhibition centers in Russia. The frequency of the trade show is annual.

Exhibitors seize the event as a presentation platform for their products and services. The main exhibit sectors of the InterAeroCom. Saint-Petersburg are: aviation legislation, business and aviation, aviation and insurance business, professional training, aviation and tourism, air service, air service between cross-border regions, flights of business aircraft, flights of small and ultralight aviation, flights of special-purpose aircraft (forest conservation, pipelines, highways), hydro aviation flights, flights of private aircraft, aeronautics (airship building), unmanned aircraft, sports aircraft, flying model airplane and flights of polar aviation.

The exhibits include airfields and helicopter platforms, airlines, airport infrastructure, aviation security, staff training, rescuer services, uniforms and accessories, insurance and leasing companies and etc. The exhibits also include gliders, para glides, parachutes, flight equipment, air balloons, dirigibles, helicopters, ground effect vehicles, hydroplanes as well as delta planes. The exhibit items also come from categories like airports, airfields, heliports, landing fields, aviation safety, personnel training, search and rescue support, uniforms, clothing, and accessories.

Attendees include delegates from whole sale trade companies, retail trade companies, research agencies, service providers, public authorities, educational institutions, publishing houses. The event is also attended by representatives from Mass media, Social organizations, unions as well as from aviation clubs, top management representatives of aviation companies, heads of the departments and their deputies, experts, engineering staffs, private entrepreneurs as well as students.

InterAeroCom Saint-Petersburg is one of the largest shows of its kind, attended by more than 100 companies from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Finland. The event displays many activities – conferences, panel discussions, specialized exhibitions and technical tour for industry professionals. During all of the above, participants may present current developments and technologies in designing, airfields and airports construction, and equipment.


St. Petersburg, Russia

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