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Japan Aerospace

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Japan International Aerospace Exhibition

It’s an exhibition of highly specialized technologies held in Japan once every four years, where the world’s major manufactures of aircraft, components, rockets, satellites and other products come together to trade.

The Japan International Aerospace Exhibition is held in Nagoya, Asia’s largest aerospace industrial manufacturing region at the Port Messe Nagoya & Central Japan International Airport (Centrair).

Opened in 2005, Centrair is equipped with facilities that are among the most advanced technology in Japan. The airport simultaneously serves as a new international base for Japan and as a transportation hub for a variety of industries in the Chubu region.

The event brings together a wide range of people from the Japanese aerospace industry, including engineers, researchers, production managers, representatives of procurement divisions, and managers in charge of planning and strategy and provides an occasion for exchange of information among aerospace professionals from all over the world. By doing so, organizers aim to promote trade, information exchange and the development of the aerospace-related industries, while raising the general public’s understanding of the improvements aerospace engineering brings to daily life.

The Japan International Aerospace Exhibition also offers public days, a special opportunity for members of the general public to visit. During public days, among other things, you are able to see large aircraft up close, and handle various cockpit components. The exhibition area inside Central Japan International Airport is hosting demonstration flights of fixed-wing aircraft, including newly developed models. There are also talks by professionals in the aircraft and space development fields, as well as many seminars and symposiums for general visitors.


Tokyo, Japan 

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