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China International Conference & Exhibition on Avionics & Test Equipment

Avioni China is a trade show event organized at Shanghai Science & Technology Exhibition Center, China, which deals with a wide range of devices, gadgets and accessories from the avionics & electronics industry.

AvioniChina is one of the most widely-participated trade show of its kind and attracts professional exhibitors from different sectors. Different types of testing equipments are showcased here, including radio communication devices, GPS tools, and emergency products. Aviation antennas, fuels, goggles and lubricants are some of the items of note exhibited at the event, while rail tracks, ticketing tools and different air navigation aids are also showcased here. Leading manufacturers, suppliers and operators from the industry attend the show during each of its editions as well.

AvioniChina features government and military representatives visiting the show on a regular basis. System integrating experts, information technology companies, researchers, finance executives and consultants and avionics distributors and agents are also present at the show. Electronics and avionics associations attend the event as well.

AvioniChina provides manufacturers of electrical items to exhibit their wares to a targeted group of audience, and grow their business networks as well.

The three days schedule includes plenary sessions, interactive panel, discussions and workshops with the purpose to dominate attention on technical realities, problems faced by professionals and how they are trying to solve them.

The subject of AvioniChina is: Gathering & Innovation. In order to meet your expectations in this fast evolving environment, the submit focus deals with: Air Traffic Management, Aircraft Testing, Software Performance Safety and Security, Regulatory Frameworks & Standards for Avionics, NG Military and Civil avionics, UAV avionics.

The event is organized by Grace Fair International, founded in 1998, based on Wales UK, a leading professional technology exhibition organizer. GRACE FAIR is a team of dedicated hardcore professionals handling marketing, coordination, administrations, finance & operations who with an eye for detail are continuously striving for efficiency and perfection.


Shanghai, China

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