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International Aeronautical Fair

EXPO AERO BRASIL is an exhibition of products and services directly or indirectly related to aviation, static and flight performance and aircraft displays.

With years of experience in large commercial aero fairs and conferences, bringing together a wide range of activities related to industry, Expo Air provides a high standard of services focused primarily on the business, organization and execution of aero events.
São José dos Campos Airshow promotes business opportunities for domestic and foreign companies and focuses on the following markets: General Aviation, Executive Jets, Agricultural Aviation, Military Aviation, Aero Sport Aviation, Offshore Aviation, Aero Medical Aviation, Rotary Wings (Helicopters), Manufacturers and Distributors of Civil and Military Aircraft, Regular Airlines, Aeronautical Technology, Product and Service providers, Airport Administration and Infrastructure Companies, Armed Forces, Maintenance Companies, Air Cargo, Air Taxi and Insurance and Finance Providers.

The event is held at the Department of Aerospacial Science and Technology. With an infrastructure complete to welcome visitors, entrepreneurs and exhibitors the DCTA, located in São José dos Campos, has a large exhibition area and an airport structure compatible with a major international event.

Organizers especially welcome businessmen and trade representatives, industries, banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, service providers, airlines (national, international, regional, cargo and charter) air taxis, maintenance crews/companies, pilots, aircraft owners, aero sports pilots.

Brazilian aerospace cluster is one of the four major aerospace sectors in the world. This important economic region corresponds to companies that act in the supply chain and with different degrees of expertise in one or more links in the industry.

Trade shows are an essential part of marketing strategy, communication and trading to companies worldwide. By allowing direct contact among the players of the production and distribution chains, especially those interested in selling and their potential buyers, trade shows offer a higher return rate on investment than any other marketing tool is able to offer. By promoting brands, showcasing products and services and stimulating investment, trade fairs are a catalyst for the development of industry, commerce and services. Every major economic sector has its fair, conference or exhibition reference. EAB is the industry reference to Brazilian aerospace sector, gathering every year a larger and more qualified audience having the same interest: make the best deals.
The event is the result of the strategic combination of two companies with proven experience in the trade shows and aerospace industry.

Expo Aero Brasil is the ideal event for the latest market innovations. It is where the major technological trends in the aerospace industry take shape. It is also the place where equipment manufacturers and systems and equipment suppliers present their latest innovations to the market. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to meet and test the aircraft on display through demonstration flights. With over 300 national and international brands represented, this event offers the best opportunities for trade and marketing for all those working with the aerospace industry.

During the event in order to enhance the participation experience of the exhibitors and visitors, various activities are promoted: Static Display of Aircraft, Performance Flights, Business Centre, Conventions, Lectures and Forums.


Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

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