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Global Maritime Security & Defence Conference & Exhibition

MAST is the Global Maritime Security and Defence Conference and Exhibition series dedicated to the community. Maritime Systems & Technology is an annual international maritime event, with an exciting line up of cutting-edge maritime products and services that encompasses marine engineering and port technology for the European market.

Uniting senior-level leaders from over 40 countries, MAST is the ultimate event at which participants discuss future capabilities and concepts with the major maritime security and defense ‘shareholders’, and evaluate future and state-of-the-art technologies.

Long established as the only international conference and exhibition for senior-level technologists in maritime security, MAST opens debate to experts from surface, undersea, and air & space domains, giving them unparalleled access to new perspectives on global contributions towards future capabilities.

MAST is organized by an unmatched international committee of renowned and respected government, research and development, academia, and industry decision makers, to create a unique event meeting specific information and networking needs. MAST’s tenth edition takes place at Amber Expo, Gdansk, Poland. It is the first event of its kind in the country, and Baltic region.

Under the guidance of an independent Exhibition Steering Group exhibitors host Product briefings, Demonstrations, Workshops, iPad3 draws and much more in the free-of-charge MAST International Exhibition.

Organized by an influential committee, MAST boasts an unmatched, diverse global profile of participants including: Military planners, Capability managers, Scientists, Technicians, Engineers, Researchers, Developers, Procurement executives, Commercial buyers, Ambassadors, Naval and trade attaches and End-users. Over three days – through discussion, discovery and debate – MAST delivers “real solutions to real-world problems”.

Impressive line-ups of keynote speakers deliver ‘views from the top’, setting the major themes for the week, and plenary speakers offer debate on another key topical/regional issues.

Attend the event to discover solutions from the world’s most innovative, and world-leading manufacturers and suppliers, government agencies and research labs, and academic institutions. Launched and guided by an unmatched international team of renowned Government, Research & Development, Academia, and Industry experts, MAST Europe creates a unique environment for you to exchange information, evaluate new technologies, network, and plot future trends.


Gdansk, Poland


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