World of Concrete

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The World of Concrete has established itself as a premier event for the commercial construction sector in United States. Held every year either in the months of January or February for four days, it enables participants to present and share their products, resources and knowledge in a maximally efficient way. Likewise, it serves as an ideal platform for business people from given industry.

Targeted areas of exhibition includes: masonry, batch plants, concrete mixing equipment, admixtures, mobile batch plants, cement manufacturing, cost-effective material delivery, distribution, construction equipment, concrete placement, earth moving, surface preparation construction equipment, scarifying, grinding and sawing equipment, dust collection systems and more.

Last year, the World of Concrete was visited by more than 50,000 professionals and experts from this sector who met to interact directly with each other. Apart from the main exhibition, the event offered them  interactive topical demonstration sessions, training courses, competitions and auctions.


Las Vegas, USA

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