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Frankfurt Book Fair

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Buchmesse Frankfurt

Frankfurt Book Fair is billed the leading trade fair for books worldwide, based on both the number of publishing companies represented, as well as the number of attendees. Its tradition has the roots in 15th century as the first fair was held soon after Johannes Gutenberg developed printing into movable letters.

It is a must-attend event for all industry professionals who aim at being wholly aware what is happening in the given sector. Participants have the unique chance to be brought face to face with the ideas, topics and trends that are moving the industry. Everything, from the new titles to new technology and data to deals is accessible at one venue. Apart from that, the show provides professionals with the best possible networking and training opportunities, while the newcomers could likewise gain inevitable first hand experience. Since 1976, every fair has its guest of honor or a special focused interest is named and followed by a unique literary programme (readings, arts exhibitions, public discussion panels, theatre productions, and radio/TV programmes)

Exhibion's sector encompasses: books, periodicals, copyright, licenses, electronic media, education, art / illustration, comics, film and media, audio books, eating & drinking, Creative Industries, stationery & gifts. In 2012, the show succeeded to attract total of 7307 exhibitors from 97 countries and 171250 visitors countries, ensuring the spectators about its top class status.


Frankurt/Main, Germany

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