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Anfas Food Product

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International Trade Exhibition for Food

Anfas Food Product is the annual showcase dedicated exclusively to suppliers of food and beverage products for the hospitality industry. It focuses on a cross sector and process oriented approach to bring together all aspect of productions, conveying technology, packaging and distribution, for the food and beverage industry. The Exhibition is organised by Turkey's leading organiser of trade and consumer events, Anfas. Anfas exhibitions excels in creating high profile, highly targeted business and consumer exhibitions and events to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business.

Anfas Food Product Exhibition continues the tradition of being the industry's most important meeting place in its 20th year. Anfas Food Product effectively meets the needs of exhibitors and visitors. The heart of the industry beats every year at Antalya Expo Center, Antalya, Turkey. The event is visited by 55.000 professional visitors and 400 local and international exhibitors whose stands occupied 25.000 square meters of exhibition’s floor space.

Visitors from different regions of Turkey and over 40 countries of The Middle East, Asia and Europe participate in Anfas Food product in which thousands of trademarks are presented to the buyers. In this sense, it is proved every year that the exhibition is truly international and it can create a huge and effective market that serves to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Exhibitor profile includes: Pulse, Cereals, Spice & Oil, Meat and Meat Products, Bakery, Additives, Chocolate, Candy & Ice Cream, Milk and Milk Products, Tea, Coffee & Equipment, Wholesale Food Distribution, Fishery Products & Seafoods, Breakfast Products, Cooling Equipment, Frozen Foods, Fresh Agriculture Products & Equipment, Food Laboratories, Hygiene, Consulting, Dry Foods, Canned Foods, Press / Magazines, Cold storage and international shipping


Antalya, Turkey

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