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Taipei International Bakery Show

The Taipei International Bakery Show is an innovative, highly remarkable exhibition and attracts baking manufacturers from throughout Asia to participate in the fair and related activities.

With a world-class exhibition center, Taipei World Trade Center, TIBS keeps presenting new bakery products and leading technologies to the world. 

TIBS is going to integrate creative themes and exciting content provide a platform bridging high quality exhibitors and target customers. Valuing the international information exchanging and ameliorating Taiwan’s baking competence, TIBS continues organizing various international bakery events and make it as one of the most significant bakery show in the world.

TIBS uses an integrated marketing strategy, including intensive advertisements and commercials, public relations operations, press conferences and releases, direct marketing and internet marketing to promote the fair and increase new business opportunities.

The organizers, “Taipei Bakery Association, Taiwan Bakery Association and Kaohsiung Bakery Association”, are the most active associations in Taiwan bakery industry who has rich experience in holding baking competitions, exhibitions and activities.

The executor, Chan Chao International, is the first nongovernmental professional exhibition corporation in Taiwan, and organizes more than one hundred domestic and overseas exhibitions each year. Benefit from its close partnerships with more than 30 associations, TIBS has built a reputation for strong and effective collaboration. In Taiwan, Chan Chao is renowned in many industries for its stable and extensive relationships.

Hand in hand cooperation between the organizers and the executor assure exhibition benefits and mean new, superior business opportunities for your products.


Taipei, Taiwan

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