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VIV Turkey

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International Poultry and Technologies Trade Fair

VIV Turkey is the poultry industry’s most influential meeting point.  Organised by HKF TRADE FAIRS, VIV TURKEY takes place at Istanbul Expo Center.

Organised in 6 countries worldwide by the Netherlands based VNU Exhibitions Europe, VIV Turkey is the Turkish stop of the VIV Worldwide series. It is the first and only fair of its kind in the geographic region to carry the UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) Approved Event certificate.

VIV Turkey is the poultry industry’s most prestigious and productive trade fair bringing together the foremost domestic and overseas exhibitors and playing a vital role in developing the production of poultry meat, products and equipment. During the whole length of the fair there are keynote conferences and seminars addressed by domestic and overseas speakers, both informing and benefitting visitors.

VIV Turkey is organised around the concept of “Product security from feed to the table” concentrating on high quality and healthy meat from the best poultry feeds through all the stages of the poultry industry through to the end-user.

A mixture of international and Turkish companies exhibit their products and services. Together they attract visitors from Turkey and primarily from the Middle East region.

Visitor Target Groups include: Feed mills, Poultry farms, Agricultural farms, Meat slaughtering companies, Meat ( further )processing companies, Feed ingredients and additives companies, Farms/industry equipment suppliers, Distribution / wholesale / retai / trade meat products, Other distribution / trade agencies, Veteriarians, Research / consultancy, Large-scale integrated companies, National / local authorities, Breeders, Broiler farms, Equipment suppliers, Farmers, Feed industry, Food processing companies, Goverment officials, Layer farms, Poultry plant manager, Sloughter houses, Turkey farms, Markets, restaurants and hotels.


Istanbul, Turkey

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