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Cyprus International Fair

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General Fair Trade with a Variety of Consumer & Industrial Products 

The 1st International Fair took place in 1976 and it was a big step for the refreshment and support of the Cyprus Economy. Since that time, the International Fair is organized every year in May. It is established as an important commercial event in the East Mediterranean area and it attracts the interest of the business people from all over the world. The state fair is usually officially inaugurated by President of the Republic of Cyprus, at the presence of state officials, diplomats and representatives of the political, social and economic life in Cyprus. Official international participators are: Greece, USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, Palestine, South Africa and Kuwait.

The fair, organized by Cyprus State Fairs Authority, is held at the Cyprus Conference Exhibition Centre, EXPO Cyprus in Nicosia.

The fair showcases all sectors of trade, business and economic activities ranging from home appliances, machinery and tools to technology and services, as well as special thematic exhibitions such as Fishing & Boating Exhibition, the Domestic Tourism Exhibition CYTOUR, the exhibition of prefabricated houses and the Classic Car Show. The event also includes a free concert, beer festival and a sport competition with special prizes for the winners.

CYPRUS INTERNATIONAL FAIR is open for every industry and general visitors. Professionals related to the following industries: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Electronic Goods, IT, Food & Beverages, Leather, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Textiles are especially welcome. 


Nicosia, Cyprus


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