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Asian International Trade Expo

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Asian International Trade Expo

Keeping in mind that Asia is considered to be the fastest-growing region in the world, CEMS USA has launched a series of exhibition 'Asian International Trade Expo' showcasing all products and services from Asian countries. Such an exhibition displaying products is necessary to bring the Asian countries together under one roof in order to increase trade and bilateral relations within the Asian nations.

Exhibitors manufacturing or representing Asian products and services are able to display and sell their products at the `Asian International Trade Expo’ - to make the people of Bangladesh and South Asia more aware of the advantages of Asian products and new innovations and technology available.

With the great success of the previous editions of the event held in Bangladesh, the organizers are ready to introduce the developments of the Asian economy, their leading products & services to the ever-growing consumer markets of SAARC & ASEAN Countries, whose buoyant domestic demand has surpassed previous barriers.

Asian International Trade Expo is a perfect platform for Manufacturers & Suppliers to showcase their products and services. Expo assembles agents, distributors, importers, trading companies, wholesalers, retailers, hotels, business representatives, from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia & Vietnam. The event is a unique opportunity to strengthen trade between Asian countries. The Conference and Exhibition Services Limited USA, in association with CEMS Bangladesh, organizes the event at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. CEMS is organizing the 'Asian International Trade Expo’ series of Exhibition in various countries of Asia with an agenda to make it a growth engine for companies and a strategic move for manufacturers to improve operation in the Asian region; enhance performance and make the exhibitors to differentiate from the competitors and position themselves in this colossal market that they have right between them – “ASIA”.

Over 100 exhibitors from 10 countries are usually participating in the eight-day exhibition. The fair is open to the business consumers and the public. 


Dhaka, Bangladesh


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