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TRADEXPO Indonesia

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National Merchandise & Commodity Show

Trade Expo Indonesia showcases all Indonesian export products ranging from industrial, mining, agricultural to craft sectors. Last year, Tradexpo Indonesia successfully attracted more than 8.300 buyers from over 100 countries, which demonstrates a high commitment of trading partners around the world, and also is a solid proof that Indonesia is one of the most reliable suppliers of qualified and competitive consumer products. Trade Expo Indonesia, the largest trade show of the year with strong support from the Government and the private sector, is organized annually at the country's largest expo facility, the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. The theme for the fair is "Trade with Remarkable Indonesia". In addition to this very special event, organizers have prepared new business-support facilities and services, especially designed to serve buyers, business executives and trade representatives in exploring business opportunities at Trade Expo Indonesia Visitors are able to find the latest and the finest of Indonesian export products, direct from producers. More than 1000 companies, leading in their respective type of merchandise and commodity, are happy to welcome and serve discerning business needs, from natural resource-based rattan and wooden products through to manufacturing products. Producers of an extensive range of quality products, such as automotive components and parts, building materials, cosmetics, glassware, metal products, pharmaceuticals, sporting goods, stationary and textile-based products are waiting for the visitors with their innovative offers. Top Five Highest Transaction Products are: furniture, agricultural products, handicrafts, jewelry & accessories and textile. In support of efficient business transactions and activities the organizers prepared various facilities such as internet connection, business rooms, banking and shipping services, Indonesian finest craft and arts products, as well as food and beverage for you to enjoy. Trade professionals belonging to the following profile find it relevant and beneficial to visit Tradexpo Indonesia: Corporate End Users, Distributors / Resellers, E-Business Solutions Provider Communications / IT Consultancies, Education, Engineering / Construction / R&D, Government / Regulatory Authority, Healthcare, IT / Software Developers, Manufacturers, Media / Entertainment, Retail / Hospitality, Small & Medium Enterprises, Transportation & Logistics, Venture Capitalists and Export Import Marketing.


Jakarta, Indonesia

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