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Luanda International Trade Fair

International Fair of Luanda takes place in Luanda, Angola. The frequency of the trade show is annual. FILDA is a multisectoral exhibition with agriculture as one of the main sector being targeted. The event, held by FIL- Feira Internacional de Luanda - a professional trade show organizer, is to showcase the latest products, service and trends in Household Consumables Industry.

The trade show is a unique presentation platform for Music Systems, TV, VCDs, DVDs, Cooking Systems, Food Processors, Electric Chimneys, Consumer Goods, Garments, Personal & Home Finance, Herbal Cosmetics, Naturopathy, Personal Diagnostics Kits, Alternative Medicines, Outdoor Products, Tableware, Food Products, Healthy Diet & Food Supplements.

FILDA is a good opportunity to gauge the potential of the market for overseas companies, and for their domestic counterparts and the best way to promote themselves. The show is the perfect business platform for everyone in the houseware industry.

FILDA is open to the trade visitors and public but the organizers especially welcome manufacturers, importers & exporters of Garment, Leather Products, Antiques, Kitchen wares, Home Electronics, Appliances, Bathroom Items, Furniture, General Gifts, Personal Accessories, Home Repair Items, Home Decoration, Leisure Items, Sports & Health Items. Everyone is invited to attended FILDA to inform themselves on innovations and trends in their business


Luanda, Angola

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