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Izmir international Fair

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Izmir International Fair

Organized by İZFAŞ, the most important institution in Turkey that serves in this field, takes place annually at the Culturepark Fair Ground in Izmir, Turkey.

Izmir International Fair gives a great value to the sector and has been at the heart of global and local companies for over 80 years. Over that time it has become firmly established as the leading Turkey’s trade event. Izmir International Fair gathers together a variety of consumer and industrial products under one roof. Izmir International Fair is the oldest trade show in Turkey with various products groups, considered the cradle of Turkey’s fairs and expositions industry, and is also notable for hosting a series of simultaneous festival activities. A series of simultaneous festival activities includes environmental fair, concerts, film festival, boat, yacht and maritime section, local food festival, international art days, quantum energy seminars, theater workshops and more.

The Fair, being a multi-product exhibition, has on display a wide range of products and services. The leading sector at the fair reflects to the theme of the fair and currents trend in the industry. The last few years, the main sectors at the fair are Food Products, Technology and Sub Industry, Automotive Sub Industry, Furniture, Decoration, Household, Appliances, White Goods, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery and Electric, Electronic, Computer, IT and Telecommunication. The trade show is held under the patronage of The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.


Izmir, Turkey

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