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International Fair of Dakar

The International Fair of Dakar (FIDAK) is one of the greatest economic appointments for African businesses, especially in the West African sub-region. The FIDAK is held at the International Centre for Foreign Trade of Senegal (CICES) Dakar.

FIDAK used to be organized once every two years till 2008 but on request of many participants, this is now an annual event. Each year, the FIDAK hosts about one thousand private companies in different sectors of activities with an exhibition space of 15,700 m2. This is an excellent opportunity to promote trade, business in Africa and increase business contacts between participants from all continents.

FIDAK, one of the major African's Economic events, provides an opportunity to discover the different economic and cultural potential of Africa and others participating countries. Also companies can expand or strengthen business relationships between participants,  attract an audience of more than 200,000 visitors and gain an access to a sub-regional market of over 200 million consumers.

The FIDAK is primarily an exhibition (samples and / or direct sales) of goods and services, but in recent years there were also: round tables, conferences and workshops on relevant sectors of the Fair, Business meetings and partnership and Cultural events.

The event focuses mainly on the automobiles, buses, consumer goods, electronics and tourism.

All exhibitions are open to the professional visitors and general public.


Dakar, Senegal


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