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Cairo International Fair

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Cairo International Fair - General Goods & Industrial Products

Cairo International Fair is a multi-branch Fair and is the largest business-to-business and business-to-consumer trade event in the Middle East and North Africa, targeting every major manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of products and services. CIF is an annual event organized by the Egypt Expo & Convention Authority EECA at the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Nasr, Egypt under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade.

It aims to activate the commerce and trade after the hard time. It has a goal of creating favorable conditions for local and foreign enterprises and trade organizations to search for business partners, expand markets, develop production, business and import – export activities as well as showcasing new products and services. 

Profile for exhibition includes Agricultural products and Food processing as well as Fashion, Construction materials, Furnishings, Machinery and Equipment and others.

Under the theme "EGYPT: Gateway of Trade"  CIF is one of the most important trade promotion events in Egypt in terms of participating countries, number of exhibitors and visitors and volume of trade transactions are made during CIF activities. EECA gives exhibitors the opportunity to promote products and services directly to end consumers and traders at the same time. Cairo International Fair helps in positioning Egypt as the leading center for international trade fairs in the Middle East and North Africa. This event effectively contributes to strengthening Egypt's exports, investment and economic cooperation; especially in the context of their ongoing efforts to greatly intensify their integration into the global economy. A series of activities provided during the fair are conferences, seminars, workshops and match making – dedicated to trade and investments in Africa and Middle East in addition to direct sales.


Cairo, Egypt

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