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Foire Internationale de Paris

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International Fair of Paris

FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE PARIS is organized once a year at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles,  France. FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE PARIS is a most famous event for all those professionals who are associated with Industrial Supplies. Highly qualified audience will participate in this event from all over world, therefore, it is the best practice for capturing sales leads.

The main sectors at the fair are International fairs, decoration, home & office design, furniture, lighting and consumer goods.

Over the years, organizers have created a powerful international brand with a very considerable reputation amongst buyers and consumers. At the same time, the Foire de Paris is underpinned by unrivaled media support that offers the visitors the opportunity to present their products in ways that maximize their sales. In the past, the organizers, were able to deliver the show only once a year, but now they can make it available twice every year. They have succeeded in developing their event to offer the optimum exhibition environment by attracting the right visitors. They’ve paid particular attention to locating individual shows on the basis of feedback gained via the satisfaction surveys conducted amongst the exhibitors.

The Foire de Paris exhibition is divided into 3 different worlds that guide visitors through the full sequence of shows to multiply their selling opportunities. The Foire de Paris worlds together create a coherent and irresistible pathway for visitors to follow. This new structure opens the way to many new retailing opportunities.

The success of the Foire de Paris relies on its ability to offer visitors a totally unique experience.


Paris, France

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