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International Trade Show & World Congress for Prosthetic, Orthotics & Rehabilitation Technology

ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK is an International Trade Show and World Congress for prosthetic, orthotics and orthopedic footwear technology around the globe. The event takes place every two years at the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) in Leipzig, Germany.

On the globally leading trade fair, exhibitors present aids for maintaining mobility from the fields of orthopaedics technology, rehabilitation technology, orthopaedic footwear technology and medical foot care as well as compression therapy on 40,000 square metres exhibition area. O+R provides visitors with the ability to come out of geographical and intellectual isolation to share ideas and concerns.

Profile for exhibitors and visitors include Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging Plants / Equipments / Machinery, Biotechnology, R & D Institutions, Additives, Drug Intermediates, Analytical Laboratory Supplies, Environment Control Equipment & Services, Utility, Utility Services & Maintenance, Contractors-Turnkey Consultancy Service, Trade Associations / Publications, Computer Software Formulations, Contract Manufacturing, Alternate Medicines.

Generally, the event is open only to the professional public, but as a tradition, the trade fair gates opens for the general audience on the last day of the fair. Affected patients, their relatives and interested people used the trade fair and the exhibition in hall 5, which is being organized especially for this day.

Every time, the show is attended by more than 20,000 visitors, including individuals from all regions of Germany and almost 100 countries. During the show, more than 80 exhibitors directly address consumers and present products for car conversion and for barrier-free building and lodging, mobility, tourism or communication aids and handicap-accessible living and working.

On the educational side of the World Congress, robotic exoskeletons are a highlight. Most robotic exoskeletons are still in the infancy stages of discovery and development. There is also strong interest in the growth of CAD/CAM technologies and 3D printing of prosthetic sockets, active versus powered components, and elevated vacuum technology.

The event gives many opportunities to see innovations in fabricating prostheses and orthoses and a great variety of materials. It is also a great opportunity to discuss different topics and many problems that doctors have while working with patients. It is very useful to find some solutions, such as specific therapeutic techniques that can help to give the maximum to the patients in rehabilitation in order to resocialize them and bring them to their families as satisfied, self-confident persons.

On the exhibition side, more than 60 new orthotic-, prosthetic-, and pedorthic-related products, services, materials, and processes are introduced, including a Germany-based franchise model for providing care and prostheses to highly active amputees.
In 2010, for the first time the Paralympic Day took place, organized by the Leipzig Trade Fair with its subsidiary FAIRNET and the Federal Trade Association for Orthopaedics. In a unique way, this day brought together paralympic top-class and recreational sports in one event.


Leipzig, Germany

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