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International Exhibition of Health Services

Exposanità is Italy’s unique exhibition and Europe’s second largest event dedicated to health care and assistance. The event takes place biennially at the Bologna Exhibition Centre in Bologna, Italy. Established 30 years ago, it is viewed as a must-attend appointment and provides a platform for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to meet the medical community of the Mediterranean area.

During the last edition over 900 exhibitors coming from 23 different countries showcased their products and services to 30.676 professional visitors in areas dedicated to hospital products and technologies, handicap and rehabilitation devices, orthopedics, medical innovation, ICT, diagnostics and the main themes related to health care and assistance. To make things as rational and convenient as possible, the fair has been divided into the following exhibition areas: HOSPITAL (exhibition on hospital products and technologies), DIAGNOSTICA 2000 (exhibition of diagnostic equipment and products), SISTEM (exhibition on health care informatics and telemedicine), HORUS (Handicap, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation), SALUTE AMICA (exhibition on health system quality projects and realizations), ANNI D´ARGENTO (products, and services for the third age), SANITA´ ANIMALE (organizations, technologies, solutions for animal health), MIT-Medical Innovation & Technology.

With a growth in health expenditures of 28% in the last 7 years, Italy represents one of the most-appealing markets for those operating in this sector, while its geographic position provides a handy gateway for Italian but also Mediterranean and eastern European visitors. Exposanità is the best way to target the Italian market and to network with professional operators from the Mediterranean area.

The progressive assertion of Exposanità among operators at the most different levels of this complex articulated sector is not only the result of having played a role that has not been limited to the essential commercial function of a trade fair project, but also of having prefigured a few significant responses to the needs of the health system. Consistent with this approach, also in this edition Exposanità includes a number of important conferences that deal with the mail themes of health and well-being.

Profile for exhibitors include Access control systems, Accessories for ambulances, Accident prevention films for glass, Accredited private health facilities, Accrediting and minimum requirements, Acoustic signaling, Acupuncture, Advanced diagnostic systems, Aerosol and inhalation apparatus, Aerosol equipment and accessories, Aesthetic prosthesis, Aids and equipment for the home, Aids for improving environmental conditions, Aids repair.

Once again, Exposanità is the not-to-be-missed appointment for all those working in the vast world of health care, well-being and assistance.


Bologna, Italy

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