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Fair of Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipment & Appliances

MEDYCYNA XXI is an exhibition dedicated to Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment and Appliances. The Fair is a unique and exceptional trade event as it constitutes the integral part of the 13th Convention of Polish Society of Nuclear Medicine.

The leitmotif of the MEDYCYNA XXI Fair is the presentation of the technological solutions utilizing the latest developments in nuclear medicine; the branch of medicine being used to other medical specializations. The Fair creates a chance to become familiar with the trade offers presented by the leading producers of modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. It is also the chance to participate in the meeting of scientists, producers and users of medical equipment and healthcare managers.

The fact that the event is held at Kielce Fairground in Poland is also important and significant, as Kielce has been gaining its importance as the centre of information exchange on scientific achievements as well as nuclear medicine practice.

Thematic sections of the event include: Medical equipment and instruments utilised in - Diagnostic imaging, Ionising radiation therapy – radiotherapy, Oncology, Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology and neurosurgery Pulmonology and thoracic surgery, Urology and nephrology, Chemotherapy, Haematology; Production of radioactive isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, Dosimetry of ionising radiation, Radiological protection, Information and communication systems and technologies, Medical Laboratories, Medial furniture and fittings, Disposable medical articles and Medical publications.


Kielce, Poland

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