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International Specialized Medical Exhibition

UZMEDEXPO is the most important exhibition for the medical and healthcare industry in Uzbekistan. The event showcases a broad range of medical technology equipments, pharmaceutical production equipments and medicine from leading global manufacturers. The expo enables the attendees to look at the current scientific and technical innovations in all aspects of medical and health services. UZMEDEXPO is organized annually at the Uzexpocentre NEC in Tashkent, Uzbekistan by the International Exhibition Group Uzbekistan.

This exhibition is demonstration of achievements of domestic and foreign medical technology, equipment and pharmaceutical industry production. The exhibition gives opportunity to forge business contracts with the leading global manufactures of medical equipment and medicines. Meetings, exchange of opinions and fruitful cooperation between suppliers and end-users of medical products, promote further development of public health services in Uzbekistan.

Today healthcare industry is one of the most vigorously developing fields in Uzbekistan Republic. It has sizable reserves for the future growth. Medical institutions of Uzbekistan actively cooperate with famous foreign clinics and producers of medical equipment and medicines. International Specialized Exhibition for Healthcare is a perfect opportunity to network, exchange opinions, establish business contacts with the qualified specialists and promote their company name in the medical service market.

Exhibition sections include: Modern technologies in public health care, Medical equipment and instruments, Medicines, Medical electrical, ultrasonic, X-ray equipment, Diagnostic and laboratory equipment, Stomatological equipment and materials, Spectacle optics, Disinfection, sanitation and hygiene means, Rehabilitation means and exercise machines, Medical clothes and footwear, orthopedic products, Medical furniture, equipment for drug stores, packing, Consumables and bandages, Biologically active and food additives, natural products, Therapeutic cosmetics, Mineral water, Sanatorium-and-spa and medical institutions, Medical insurance, Information technologies in medicine, Medical teaching aids and scientific-technical literature


Tashkent, Uzbekistan


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