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International Conference & Exhibition of Dental Equipment

DENTEX is a highly professional exhibition and exceptional occasion for the Belgian and European dental community to meet. Admittance to DENTEX is strictly reserved for professionals. The event is organized biennially at the Brussels Exhibition Centre in Belgium.

Last edition of DENTEX was visited by 3.553 dentists and 907 dental technicians. In total, nearly 7.100 very professional representatives of the dental world attended the event DENTEX.

This event is organized by the professionals of the dental community. DENTEX is a unique opportunity for the dental professionals from Europe and Belgium to take part and meet each other.
Dentex Brussels is expected to be the largest dental equipment trade fair in Europe. The event is improving each year and due to this reason, more and more attendees are coming to join it. Event organizers have put their focus on the current invention of technology regarding dental equipments.

During the event, professional visitors get the chance to display their skill, knowledge and equipments. Dentists, stomatologists and dental technicians are attracted to the show by the discovery of technical innovations of all kinds and by the great diversity and vast scope of the assortments and equipment presented in an often extremely didactic manner.

During the event, the exhibitors display different tools and equipments related to dentistry. Profile for exhibit includes: Stomatological equipment & tools, Stomatological expenditures & medicines, Modern technologies in dentistry, Organization & equipping of dental rooms & clinics, Service maintenance of dental specialties.


Brussels, Belgium

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