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Kore International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show

Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show is the crucial platform for the Korea medical industry and public health service. It is the only show in Korea where you can see a complete range of new and innovative products and services in medical technology and IT equipment, diagnostics, rehabilitation, nursing and consumer medicine. The event is held once a year at the COEX Exhibition Center is Seoul, Korea.

Korea has a large, diverse and vibrant medical device manufacturing industry which has boomed with the rapid growth of the country's economy in the past two decades or so. The show has fulfilled high expectations with the newest medical products. Since first edition of KIMES in 1980, the show has been growing up with Korean medical and healthcare industry. 

Globalization of medical healthcare service industry sector is the main issue in Korea nowadays, and to achieve the specialization of the industry, it should be based on sharing of information and visions. Current global economy downturn caused many difficulties on the entire Korean economy and the needs of development of new technologies and new market are important than any other time. Regardless of today’s global shifts, it is clearly recognized that trade exhibitions are still of prime importance to the economy - and in some cases they are even more important than ever before. Especially in times of crisis, domestic and international economic partners need exhibition platforms to send positive signals to their strategic markets to launch innovative products, to discuss crisis-management measures and using this knowledge respond quickly, flexibly and correctly.

KIMES is held at a time like this to provide the vision for the future to medical industry with 1,200 exhibitors from 36 countries and around 40 sessions for seminars. For the participants, KIMES provides the unique opportunity to develop and apply global reach.

The profile for exhibits at Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show includes: Consultation & Diagnosis Equipment, Obesity Cure &Healthcare Equipment, Hospital Accommodation, Clinical Examination Equipment, Physiotherapy Apparayus, Emergency Equipment, Radiology Equipment, Medical, Device Component & service, Medical Information System, Surgical Apparatus & Equipment, Ophthalmic Apparetus, Oriental Medicine&Equipment, Cure Apparetus & Equipment, Central Supply Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Disposable Apparetus and Others, Dental Apparatus.


Seoul, South Korea

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