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Medical Fair India

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International Exhibition & COnference on Diagnostics, Medical Technology, Rehabilitation, Medical Equipment  

Medical Fair India is one of the largest International Exhibition and Conference on Diagnostics, Medical Technology, Rehabilitation, Medical Equipment and Component in India.

Held annually alternating between New Delhi and Mumbai, it provides best opportunities to cover the enormous Indian healthcare market as well as considering the special potential of the two big metropolitan areas with its growing demand and rising investments in the public and private healthcare sector. The upcoming event is held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre - NSE Exhibition Complex.

The show places primary focus on the latest innovations and technological updates related to medical engineering services. Highly informative trade conferences are organized during this three-day event, in order to ensure smooth sharing of topical business ideas among participants. Foreign country pavilions are set up during the event too. More than 322 professional exhibitors seize this opportunity to promote their products and enhance their business networks. A vast collection of medical equipments, biomedical supplies, rehabilitation tools and several other related products and services are presented at the event.

Some of the main product types that are exhibited here are: Medical equipments, Diagnostic tools, Rehabilitation devices, Medical furniture, Therapeutic solutions, Pathology products, Medical engineering appliances, Forensic tools, Emergency supplies, Laboratory products, Medical disposables and consumables, IT equipments, Communication devices, Biomedical goods, Radiobiology products, Rescue services, Alternative medicines, Preventive solutions, Brain science tools, Veterinary supplies, Dentistry equipments, Clinical utilities, Fabrics, Waste management services, Trade association services, X ray machines, Prosthetic tools, Needles and syringes, Ophthalmic devices, Packaging techniques, Warehouse services, Design engineering tools.


Bombay, India

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