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Zdravookhraneniye + APTEKA MOSCOW

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International Exhibition for Healthcare, Medical Engineering & Pharmaceuticals & International Trade Fair for Pharmaceuticals & Related Products

EUROEXPO, the organiser of APTEKA MOSCOW, and EXPOCENTR, the organizer of Zdravookhraneniye (Healthcare) are proud to announce the beginning of fruitful cooperation and reunion of their two exhibitions within the WEEK OF RUSSIAN HEALTH CARE. As a result, APTEKA Moscow 2012 is postponed from November to December and is held parallel to Zdravookhraneniye in Pavillon 3 of Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow.

APTEKA MOSCOW, being the leading platform for the medical-pharmaceutical industry for 15 years attracts annually 330 exhibitors and more than 12.000 visitors. Its main target has always been to establish business relationships between producers and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and related products and distributors, retailers and pharmacies as well as to provide information about the Russian pharmaceutical market and Russian health care sector.

Zdravookhraneniye, being the biggest health care exhibition in Russia and CIS for already 18 years, lists more than 1.000 exhibitors and attracted over 28.000 annually.

APTEKA and Zdravookhraneniye are the large-scale events in the medical and pharmaceutical industries with extensive parallel program. The program of APTEKA MOSCOW accommodates the interests of the main audience groups - public health specialists, developers, producers and distributors of healthcare products, pharmaceutical employers, practicing doctors and government representatives. The traditional long-term feature of APTEKA MOSCOW is Medical and Pharmaceutical Forum. The goal of this event is to inform participants about the most up-to-date and vital issues of pharmaceutical sector: regulatory framework, medicine distribution sector.

The program of Forum includes scientific and technical conference, round tables, discussions, workshops on all medical trends. Leading specialists, including head doctors and professors, are involved in discussions of new curing technologies. The Forum consists of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Business Conference which covers the urgent challenges and trends of pharmaceutical market in Russia. Speakers of the leading pharmaceutical companies, distributors of healthcare products and government representatives are involved in this conference.

Over the years, APTEKA MOSCOW has become an important event for professionals. It presents a unique possibility for the specialists of all branches of pharmacy and medicine to exchange their experience and new knowledge. APTEKA also presents an opportunity to discuss the industry problems and barriers, and to put into practice the last scientific developments and technologies.

The union of APTEKA and Zdravookhraneniye offers outstanding synergies and benefits for exhibitors and visitors of both exhibitions.

Russian Week of Healthcare, besides of two exhibitions, includes various scientific programs and conferences. The events are supported by the Russian Ministry of Health Care and Social Development, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Academy of Medicine and the Ministry of Health Care of Moscow Region.


Moscow, Russia

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