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FCE Cosmetique & FCE Pharma

The most modern trends from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector are presented at FCE Pharma and FCE Cosmetique, organized by NürnbergMesse Brasil at the Transamerica Expo Center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With 600 brand names being exhibited and 29 new companies, the fairs expect to attract over 24 thousand professionals. One of the new attractions is the Business Integration project to exchange experience between business people and professionals from the cosmetics area.

The idea of the Business Integration is to offer opportunities for the integration and the exchange of experience by means of the formation of executive groups that operate in the same segment and common objectives. This initiative comes from NürnbergMesse Brasil with support from the Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia (ABC- Brazilian Association of Cosmetology) and from Cosmetics Online.

At FCE Cosmetique, there are xclusive pavilion for exhibitors from France. In addition, international presence is assured with representatives from Chile, China, Korea, United States, Spain, Italy, Japan and French Polynesia.

At FCE Pharma attendance is assured by exhibitors from Germany, Canada, Korea, United States, France, Ireland and Italy.

The focus of FCE Cosmetique is the production chain of the cosmetics industry, especially the phases of production, supply and distribution of products and services, including: raw materials, packaging, fine chemistry, labeling, machinery and equipment, transport and logistics, processes, quality control, outsourcing, analytical, laboratory, processing equipment, fragrances, valves, sprays, industrial automation, technology and printing services for the cosmetics industry.

FCE Cosmetique attracts a qualified audience of professionals associated with the industry of cosmetics, suppliers, distributors and resale in the country, exhibiting the highest standard of technology, innovation and foresight. FCE Cosmetique is the place of choice of the major companies in the industry to launch products in Latin America. It is the perfect spot for business deals in Latin America.

FCE Pharma focuses on the production chain in the pharmaceutical sector, especially the phases of manufacture, supply and distribution of products and services, including: raw materials, chemistry, packaging, labeling, machines and equipment, services for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical engineering, processes, quality control, contamination control, transport and logistics, outsourcing and consultancy, laboratory and analytical equipment, process equipment, valves, sprays, industrial automation, technology and printing services for the pharmaceutical industry.

FCE Pharma attracts a qualified public of professionals associated with the pharmaceutical industry, suppliers, distributors and dealers of the country. The ideal spot for business in the pharmaceutical industry offering a vision of the future, product innovations, equipment and services, all in one place.

FCE COSMETIQUE and FCE PHARMA are the unique and exclusive event of solutions and technology for the development of new products, where your company can show: Raw material, Packing, Equipment, Outsourcing and Services.


São Paulo, Brazil 

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