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International Cosmetics Trade Fair 

COSME TOKYO is Japan's only international trade fair specialized in cosmetics, where a large number of cosmetics brands gather from around the world. A wide variety of importers & distributors in Japan as well as major Japanese and international buyers visit to find and purchase the latest products. This is the best way to find importers/distributors or expand your sales channels in Japan and Asia.

The event is held annually at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan.

Last event gathered 324 Exhibitors & 16,936 Visitors from 43 countries.  "COSME TOKYO" was newly launched this year joining Int'l Cosmetics Development Expo, which made the event Japan's ONLY trade fair covering the whole cosmetics industry - from ingredients, OEM, containers/packaging to finished products.

Making its debut, the COSME TOKYO has created enough stir among the beauty and cosmetic industry professionals not only from Japan and Asia but from the international circuits as well. The diverse range of professionals most likely to attend this event will be the wholesalers, importers, exporters, retailers, mass retailers, department stores, specialty shops, catalogue retailers, online shops, hotels, owners of bridal salons, gift shops, drug stores, salons, apparel shops and so on.

Together with co-held Conference, the show serves as a central hub of the latest trends and products, providing both comprehensive overview on the whole Japanese and Asian cosmetics industry and detailed information in each field.

In addition, the show became more international this year, gathering an increased number of overseas exhibitors as well as a large number of visitors from all around Asia seeking for Japan's high-quality ingredients/containers, popular "made-in-Japan cosmetics" and the latest trends/products gathering here in Tokyo. Becoming a larger, more comprehensive and more international business platform, the event became a bridge between overseas companies and the world's second largest cosmetics market, Japan.

Many kinds of cosmetics brands exhibited from around the world, COSME TOKYO gathered a large number of importers/agents and buyers not only from Japan but also from abroad. Especially many buyers visited from other Asian countries, where high-quality Japanese cosmetics are very popular.

COSME TOKYO is the best place to showcase products and services related to the beauty and cosmetics industry, since it not only provide exposure to the Japanese and Asian markets but also helps in clinching deals from international visitors. The wide range of products that this event will put on display will include skin care and body care products, makeup and cosmetics, hair care products and styling tools, dietary and nutritional supplements, perfumes and fragrances, baby skin care, maternity skin care, cosmetic accessories, beauty goods, promotional goods, nail products, other cosmetic and personal care products. As such the exhibiting companies such as the manufacturers, producers, dealers and suppliers of these products will benefit largely from exhibiting at this event.


Tokyo, Japan

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