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Moscow International Biotechnology Congress

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International Congress on Biotechnology

This year's Moscow International Biotechnology Congress focuses on the state of the art and future prospects of biotechnology and is held in parallel to the Biotech World Exhibition. Over the past several years this congress had become a unique forum that is capable of hosting a wide range of avenues of modern biotechnology research. The event promotes the development of international scientific collaboration and further progress in the field of Biotechnology. The conventional structure of the congress includes: 2 congress plenary meetings as well as 14 theme sectional meetings, 3 international symposiums; 6-8 “circular tables”. Within the congress there is also the competition among the young scientists as for the best scientific and research work.

The event is held annually at the House of Moscow Government in Russia. Organizers of the Congress include the Russian Academy of Sciences, Government of Moscow, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Visitors of the Moscow International Biotechnology Congress are given the opportunity to benefit from the Biotech World, one of the most significant profile exhibitions in the field of biotechnology in the Russian Federation.

The exhibition showcases: processes and devices for biotechnological productions and laboratory researches, wide range of biological preparations for pharmaceutical, food industry, agricultural sector and also biological agents for geology, environmental protection and recovery, bioactive additives, test-systems to determine alcohol and drugs; enzymatic processes, alternative energy sources, nano-molecular energy converters, specialized devices of the industrial and laboratory safety.

The main purpose of the event is the organization of the business contacts between the developers of the new technologies, manufacturers and investors, manufacturers of the biotechnological products, their suppliers and consumers.


Moscow, Russia

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