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Maghreb Pharma

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International Exhibition of the Pharmaceutical Industry Suppliers in North Africa

Maghreb Pharma Expo is an international trade show held for a period of three days at Oran Convention Center in Oran, Algeria. The primary objective of this expo is to make the eminent experts related to medical and pharmaceutical industry conscious of the advanced technologies which help in the advancement of this industry. At the same time developmental changes taking place in this sector are highlighted in this event, making it more popular among the medical specialties and the pharmacies. 

By visiting Maghreb Pharma participants have the opportunity to discover active pharmaceutical ingredient, reagents, packaging, machines, laboratory equipment suppliers but also to stay informed on the latest manufacturing technologies by attending the conferences and participate to the B2B meeting to explore partnership opportunities with foreign and North African companies.

The events is organized by MEDITHERAL, the Algerian company specialized in services, consulting and communication for Healthcare operators. With the strong relationship of trust that this company has developed with the pharmaceutical sector in North Africa, they offer the drug manufacturing industry in North Africa a new space to catalyze their growth and development objectives in the region.


Oran, Algeria


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