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Trade fair of E-commerce and E-communication

eCom offers a comprehensive range of latest technological equipments and solutions which are beneficial for the enterprises and IT professionals. This show is known to be the largest and the most recommended shows where the leaders in the IT sector are present to interact with the attendees and discuss various upcoming equipments and facilities.

eCom takes place at Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland. During the show, the attendees get to see new and advanced technology equipments which are easy to handle and are offered at reasonable rates.

The visitors of eCom comprise of representatives from government, regulatory authority, defense, healthcare, logistics and transportation, media and entertainment, telecommunication and retail and hospitality sector.

The exhibitors of eCom display: E-commerce and M-Commerce services, Content Management System, CRM and client relation services, Social network systems, ERP, Payment and Security services, Logistics and transport services, Web Marketing technology, Enterprise software and CRM. Cloud computing, Communication and Mobility systems. Open Source services and Outsourcing Services are also discussed within this show.


Geneva, Switzerland

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