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Conference for Software Quality Management and Testing

The iqnite conference has become the main instrument of thought and idea exchange within the software quality community. Since 1996, users, experienced industry insiders and renowned experts meet on site to discuss up to date standards and the latest trends.

The well established conferences in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Austria and South Africa bring together more than 2,000 participants annually. Lectures, experience reports, workshops and the exhibition make the event an information platform and marketplace.

The success story started under the name "Software & Systems Quality Conferences”. Since 2010 the industry’s meeting place is called "iqnite" and stands now also with its new name for the ignition of the awareness for quality and for being the driving force for new trends, technologies and strategies. At the iqnite conferences the spark jumps across - whether as a speaker, exhibitor, sponsor or participant. 

The new name iqnite is derived from the English word "to ignite". The idea behind this is to ignite and emblaze the awareness of software quality and testing through the conferences. With the symbolic ignition of the iqnite-fuse the conferences will be the engine for new trends, technologies and strategies in the future

Since more than 17 years, the iqnite conferences are bringing together IT managers and professionals. iqnite sparked the awareness for software quality and testing worldwide: lectures, experience reports, tutorials and exhibitions, trends, technologies and the latest strategies, know-how transfer directly from practitioners, the meeting place for the software quality community. 


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