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Myanmar Telecom & Electronics Show 

Myanmar Telecom & Electronics Show is a four day event, held at Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon, Myanmar. The event covers the area of the telecommunication and electronics market of the industry and the further development of the sector. It is a unique event that gives the visitors a chance to experience the different products and services of the sector, exhibited by the various companies.

Myanmar Telecom & Electronics Show is organized by the China Promotion Ltd. The show gives the exhibitors a chance to connect with the different attendees who are present at the show. The different professionals and leaders of the sectors are also present at the event to discuss the future of the industry and narrate the different prospects of the sector which they think will be good for it.

The Myanmar Telecom & Electronics Show in Yangon is a trade fair for communications, computers, office equipment and household appliances. Its goal is to win international investors for projects in Myanmar. This exhibition is communication and information platform in the industry and offers the exhibiting companies the opportunity to present to an audience of experts. 

The Myanmar Telecom & Electronics Show exhibit products and services related with: Telecom, Telephone & Mobiles, Home Appliances, Computer & Office Automation, Satellite Service, Equipment & Accessories. 


Yangon, Myanmar


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