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World IT Show

WIT, World IT Show is Korea's leading and largest ICT Business Exhibition with the greatest number of domestic and overseas visiting buyers. The event is held annually at the COEX Hall in Seoul, Korea.

The WORLD IT SHOW offers an unrivaled global stage for ICT companies want to showcase state-of-the-art, innovative and groundbreaking technologies, as well as offering the ideal communication space for those businesses working within the global IT ecosystem.

The WIS World IT Show offers a wide variety of products from the information and communications industry. Apart from land line and mobile phone and Internet service providers, hardware and software companies also present their products and services. An additional program of lectures and workshops gives an overview of the latest trends and developments.

The WORLD IT SHOW aims to provide a superior domestic exhibition marketing space in the field of IT. The WORLD IT SHOW presents itself as the ideal partner for participants wanting to advance into the global market, and experience an unbeatable showcase of new technologies and products

Key exhibits categories include:Mobile/ Communications / Broadcasting, Cloud Computing / Big Data / IT Service, Software / Digital Contents, IT Convergence, Industrial Electronics.


Seoul, Korea

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