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Arabian Financial Management Conference

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Arabian Financial Management Conference

Arabian Financial Management Conference is the event focusing on strengthening the skills and knowledge of workers in the field of administration, implementing international practices for financial management, improving the quality of financial reporting and promoting the values of transparency and governance. Conference intends to raise the capabilities of modern scientific methods associated with planning, financial analysis and controlling budgets, and to discuss ant improve the matter of the protection of public money.

Arabian Financial Management Conference is held under the auspices of His Excellency Fadel Safar, Minister of Public Affairs and takes place at Costa Del Sol Hotel in Kuweit.

Conference discusses recent trends in the development of financial strategies based on performance, systems accrual accounting in government institutions, systems of public funding, privatization, financial analysis and planning budgets, modern methods and effective balancing of public money.

In light of what the world is witnessing - a striking development in the various areas of public finance, the event highlights the need for reforms and radical changes in public financial management and proves that system enables the state to manage its financial resources efficiently and effectively. AFMC lays emphasis on the importance of securing the stability of budgets and financial sectors in all countries, in order to achieve sustainable economic growth.

This exceptional event is organized by ProMedia, leading company organizing conferences in Kuwait. Since 2002, ProMedia International have been developing a range of high-quality, industry-driven conferences which attract hundreds of key decision makers from governments and industry each year. 

AFMC established its position as an unrivaled annual gathering offering its visitors the insights into market trends and developments, investment opportunities, and commercial strategies for success. The event provides the most fertile ground for participants to gain invaluable opportunities to network and generate new business.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

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