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Shanghai Spring Overseas Property & Investment Show

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Shanghai Spring Overseas Property & Investment Show

After more than a decade of successful expansion, Shanghai Spring Overseas Property & Investment Show has become a leader in high-end, multi-directional and interactive real estate exhibitions. The show is dedicated to those, who wish to explore and better understand the outlook for economic development in the Chinese real estate industry. This show's theme is Property, Immigration and Alternative Investment.

VNU Exhibitions Asia has organized Shanghai property B-C trade show for 14 years. The show is held twice a year, respectively in March and October at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Shanghai Exhibition Center specializes in offering large-scale conference and exhibition services. Located in the commercially thriving Jing An District, facing East Nanjing Road in the North and Central Yan An Road in the south, it occupies a total land area of 93,000 square meters.

With Shanghai as the center, East China has become a gathering place for high income earners. Whether for the purposes of investment, immigration, study, or relocation, property investment overseas offers an increasingly mainstream path to financial security. However, given the uneven qualities in the overseas real estate market and lack of sound information, those intending to buy properties abroad often find themselves left in the dark.

Shanghai Spring continues to expand the overseas property real estate component to their exhibition. This overseas property exhibition provides both overseas property buyers and real estate exhibitors with an interactive platform, advancing the healthy development of overseas property markets. Upon launch, the Overseas Property Investment Exhibition met with overwhelming approval, with firms such as OASIA LAND, FirmRite, Orangtee, Suner-Vici, Gold Cost and Auona among many overseas property groups and their representative offices in China expressing interest.

Previous edition of Shanghai Spring Overseas Property & Investment Show attracted overseas vendors from more than 15 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain, Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The event is organized by VNU Exhibitions Europe, the Netherlands' leading Exhibition organizer. Shanghai VNU Exhibitions Asia, which started developing and organizing successful trade and consumer shows, has rapidly expanded the company's portfolio of shows and conferences since 1993. Today, they organize more than ten shows each year, including: Money Fair, Property Trade Show, World Travel Expo, Green Building Expo Pet Fair and so on. Shanghai VNU Exhibitions Asia is well known for its leadership of industry place in the region.


Shanghai, China

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