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Property & Investment Salon

INVESTFIELD is an annual exhibition organized by Poznan International Fair, the leader of the Polish trade fair market. INVESTFIELD is the most important property and investment show which aggregates the directors of strategy, representatives of research institutes, presidents, directors, heads of state offices and governors from all over the country. Service providers, investors and local government representatives get unrivaled opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and information to benefit the industry.

During the show, companies not only get the networking opportunity but the financial system of the nation is also promoted to the utmost level. By participating in the show, visitors are acquainted by the latest offers in investment in the region. INVESTFIELD disseminates information of the market. There are discussions on each and every aspect of property and investment industry to enlighten the knowledge of participants. Participation in INVESTFIELD enables its exhibitors to effectively reach the target group of customers -contractors and owners, developers and investors of office space, retailers, technological and industrial space investors, hotel and sanatorium industry investors.

INVESTFIELD is a unique event which presents a comprehensive program of seminars and investment opportunities to an audience of affluent investors looking for alternative and interesting ways of investing their money.

INVESTFIELD is recognized and appreciated as a professional forum for exchanging knowledge addressed mainly to representatives of local governments. Organizers welcome trade visitors only. Professionals related to the field of financial planning, corporate finance, discount broking, training & other related products & industries are the target audience.

Profile for exhibit include Spread betting, Art and Antiques, Fine wine, Memorabilia, Trading Systems, Coins and Stamps, Inventions, Overseas Property, Wealth Management, Covered Warrants, Jewelry and Diamonds, Precious Metals, Whiskey, Emerging Warrants, Land, Racehorse Partnerships, Woodland and Forestry.

The most important topics discussed at INVESTFIELD include regional development, urban space planning and design, regeneration, roads, communications, tourist facilities, economic zones and industrial parks. The scope of the exhibition also includes: consulting and real estate agencies, real estate development and management, real estate financing and investments, comprehensive real estate services. Associations, organizations and specialist publishers participate in this event. Thematic sections include: Local authorities - investment offers from communes, Real estate financing: banks and mortgage funds, leasing companies, Investment trusts, Insurance companies, Economic zones and technological parks, Real estate agencies, The Military Property Agency, Agricultural Property Agency, Law firms, Business consultancy centres and Investor Service Centres.

The Property and Investment Exhibition INVESTFIELD is held as part of GMINA, a comprehensive exposition with solutions for urban architecture, technical infrastructure, modern solutions for people with disabilities, education, sports, IT systems for public institutions.


Poznan, Poland

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