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Expo Human Capital

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Expo Human Capital

Expo Human Capital is an international event that specializes in human capital that consists of three main activities: Area of exposure, Area jobs: recruitment fair business and Space Conference. The exhibition takes place at World Trade Center in Mexico. The event, held by Grupo Fidalex-a professional trade show organizer, is to showcase the latest products, service, trends in business-services industry.

The Expo Capital Human is a significant international event that provides innovative solutions for developing the practices of human capital in organizations, in Mexico. This event is organized with the aim of meeting the new challenges and needs of HR sector. The expo will assemble HR experts, offering key insights to improve the performance of the areas of human resources in enterprises. The trade fair showcases numerous products and services for training, outsourcing, e-learning, occupational health, financial solutions, etc. The show offers a whole new experience to both visitors and exhibitors and intends to spread skills and education to satisfy the HR sector. Expo Capital Human, with various conferences, workshop, and exhibition, is beneficial for the growth and development of HR sector and hence the organization.

The event is open to professional visitors only. Organizers especially welcome managers and executives HR professionals seeking solutions to improve the performance of their areas of human resources, management of strategic areas: directors who are seeking personal or training for their staff, executives seeking training and employment opportunities.

Themes for the exhibitions include Training, HR Outsourcing, Payroll Administration, Socio-economic studies, Evaluation of Language, Recruitment and selection, Procedures & migrant education, Coaching, E-learning, Online Education, Social Responsibility, Technology for HR, Security of personnel and offices, Government Agencies, Employment law.


Mexico City, Mexico

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