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Asia-Pacific Simulation Technology & Training Conference & Exhibition

SimTecT is the annual Asia Pacific Simulation Technology and Training Conference and Exhibition held by Simulation Australia since its inception in 1996. It has grown to become Australasia’s premier simulation conference for industry, government and academia. The conference currently attracts over 450 delegates worldwide from a broad range of industries.

The Australian Government agenda is for an economy that harnesses the latest technology and relies on highly skilled and productive workers. To this end, the organizers have combined the key policy areas that fuel the drivers of innovation – science, research, and tertiary education – into the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

Organizers are determined to transform the economy to ensure that Australian industry remains competitive for the times beyond the current resources boom and that other sectors of the economy remain strong. The Simulation Technology and Training sector is an example of Australian expertise and technology that is up with the world’s best. For example in the defense simulation and training field, their technologies are being adopted worldwide.

The simulation skills developed for the defense arena naturally spill over into other fields like aerospace, aviation, road, rail and logistics. Welcome to delegates at this SIMTECT conference – events like this are vital to maintaining a high level of collaboration to keep Australians innovating.

The event attracts delegates who want to know more about the application of simulation in their businesses. SIMTECT has special appeal to those interested in the areas related to simulation in: Defence, Manufacturing, Transportation, Environment, Emergency management, Education and Resources/infrastructure. 


Brisbane, Australia

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