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The Fair for the Ski Industry & Mountaineering

EXPO ANDES is the Premier Mountain Trade Show for Mountain Industry in South America. It brings businesses, professionals and institutions from the Andean region together. At the trade show local and international companies present their products and services for tourism and mountaineering in the region. In addition, there is a symposium where experts and professionals from around the world share knowledge and experience to strongly associate mountain regions from around the world.

Expo Andes is going to be a major event, organized by the well-known Pro Andes. This event takes place at Santiago, Chile for three consecutive days. The event holds important platforms where exhibitors and visitors from various parts of the world can come and discuss about mountain industry in South America.

During the Fair, International Mountain development businesses display their products and services to the Andes mountain tourism destinations, the mining industry and other related activities. During the Symposium, experts, authorities and personalities from around the world share their knowledge and experiences, strengthening ties between the Andes and mountain ranges from around the world.

Expo Andes features conferences and seminars by world class mountain experts and lecturers. These conferences represent a valuable learning opportunity for Andean professionals related to mountain activities and businesses. Topics of the conferences include: "Norms, Regulations, and operation of Cable Transportation Systems"; High mountain water piping: BLS/VRS-T system"; "Avalanche, mudslide and rock fall prevention technologies" and "Avalanche Rescue: Methods and technologies."

Expo Andes is visited by various visitors from different parts of the world, such as: professionals and executives from mountain related companies and institutions of mountain municipalities, border crossings, mining companies, tourism operators, mountain roads, and more. Among the exhibitors are providers of mountain services and products, such as: Ropeways, Grooming, Natural Hazards, Security and Rescue, Avalanche Control, Consulting and Planning, Geotechnics, Signage and Protections, Snow Making, Access control, Formation and Training, Fun & Leisure, Meteorology, Clothes, Water conduction / pipes, Helicopters, Mapping, Mountain Medicine, Construction, High performances wires, Communication systems.


Santiago, Chile

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