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1 353 821 000


9 706 961 km²


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$12.382 trillion

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China is the centre of well-established Asian exhibition market.  There are over 100 exhibition venues in China. The biggest and newest of them, China National Convention Center (CNCC) is located in Beijing.  Beijing, along with Shanghai and Guangzhou, are among the most important trade centres drawing the greatest number of visitors.

Canton Fair, held annually at China Foreign Trade Centre in Canton, is the largest trade fair in China. Among China's largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products, the largest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair. Like many trade fairs it has several traditions and functions as a comprehensive event of international importance.

China has become a major tourist destination following its reform and opening to the world in the late 1970s. China has a large number of wonderful tour destinations including delicate water towns, imposing imperial palaces, splendid national cultural heritage and colorful folk custom. Beijing, Shanghai and Xian are the three major tourist cities. The well-known Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven depict the long and colorful history of China. The ambitious skylines of Shanghai and other Chinese cities are a triumphant statement of the progress. Traveling around is getting increasingly easier although visiting all of the top tourist attractions in China is exhausting rather than difficult considering the vast size of the country.

During the last few years, China has modernized its domestic air, train, and highway systems to meet the influx and demands of foreign travelers. There has been a vast improvement in ease of travel throughout the country. Virtually all of China is linked by one of several new domestic airlines, and the creation of these new regional carriers has greatly improved domestic airline service. Train travel is the major mode of long-distance transportation for the locals. Their extensive, and rapidly expanding network of routes covers the entire country. Also, travelling by rail is an enjoyable, relaxing, and inexpensive way to see China’s countryside. Travelling by public city buses or long distance buses is inexpensive and ideal for in-city and short distances transportation. Beijing and Shanghai also have modern subways for fast travel around the cities.

Accommodation in China is very convenient. Whether you are in China on vacation or on business, it is not difficult to find a hotel. Availability of accommodation for tourists is generally good and ranges from shared dorm rooms to five-star luxury hotels. A new generation of hotels throughout China is the sign of a highly developed, traveler-friendly tourism infrastructure. China now has a complete range of hotel choices in all price categories, from luxurious five-star suites to deluxe mid-priced hotels and clean, comfortable rooms even in the budget category. Today, every major city in China can provide travelers with a wide selection of modern, world-class properties that meet, and often exceed, international standards. Some hotels offer typical Chinese or local features and architecture, while others are completely modern, and of course those that are simply average. Prices are often negotiable, and a sharp reduction from the price listed on the wall can often be had, even in nicer hotels. Note that not all the hotels can accommodate foreign visitors.

In a country with so many people, China's nightlife is bound to be eclectic, different and interesting. As with most countries, the most exciting areas are often deep in the heart of urbanity—Shanghai, Beijing and Macau do little to dispute this theory. Nightlife in China entertains both locals and tourists from all over the globe. China's night scene has a distinct personality of its own and cannot be compared to anything else. Entertainment in China varies from acrobatic shows, karaoke, disco dancing, Chinese opera dinner shows to western-style bars and pubs.

English is spoken at many hotels, restaurants and attractions throughout China. International visitors to China will not have any problems with communicating. 


Trade shows in China:




Airshow China

Alpitec China



API China

Asian Aerospace International Expo & Congress

Auto China

Auto Maintanance & Repair

Auto Shanghai

Aviation Expo China


Bauma China

Beijing International Tourism Expo

Beijing International Swimming Pools Bath SPA Expo


Biotech Shenzhen

Canton Fair




CHIC - China International Fashion Fair

China Education Expo

China International Building & Materials Exhibition

China International Tyre & Rubber Expo

China Maritime Tech & Security Expo

China Pharm

China Smart Gridtec 

China Sourcing Fair : Electronics & Components

China Sport Show











Expo Shop China



HedgeFunds Asia

HKTDC Food Expo

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

Hong Kong International Jewelery Fair

Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair


ICSE China


Metal & Metallurgy China


Shanghai Spring Overseas Property & Investment Show

World Travel Fair


Additional Info

  • flag file: cn.png
  • coat of arms file: cn.png
  • capital: Beijing
  • population: 1 353 821 000
  • area: 9 706 961 km²
  • languages: Standard Chinese
  • currency: Renminbi
  • GDP: $12.382 trillion
  • Int'l organizations: IMF, WTO, G-20, BRICS, UNIDO Recommendations for Poland