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United States of America

Flag & Coat of Arms




315 870 000


9 826 675 km²




United States dollar


$15.685 trillion

Int'l organizations


There are currently over 10,000 trade shows held every year in the USA. In order to help organizers, attendees, and marketers identify appropriate events, several online directories have been established. The biggest convention venues in the USA are Las Vegas Convention Center and Chicago’s McCormick Place. Las Vegas is the premier trade show destination in the world, hosting hundreds of international trade events every year. The largest event held in USA is the Consumer Electronics Association’s International CES, with an impressive 1,442,000 net square foot showfloor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world, The United States boast an amazing amount of tourist destinations ranging from the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago, the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska to the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii. Framed by two oceans, bisected by the great Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, and home to such breathtaking sites as the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, the United States has natural attractions in abundance. You can find gorgeous natural attractions in all 50 states and U.S. territories, thanks to State and National Parks systems.  However, even the largest urban and suburbanites are forced to stop and gawp when confronted with the sheer natural beauty that is their homeland. Whether you're relaxing on a virtually undiscovered beach, racing down the slopes of the Great White North or scaling the iconic crags of the Grand Canyon - North America is certain to take your breath away. The United States offers a kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, history and adventures that are bound to fulfill your every dream.

The domestic air system is extensive and reliable, with dozens of competing airlines, hundreds of airports and thousands of flights daily. Flying is usually more expensive than travelling by bus, train or car, but it’s the way to go when you’re in a hurry. Main hub airports in the USA include all international gateways plus many other large cities. Most cities and towns have a local or county airport, but you usually have to travel via a hub airport to reach them. Intercity bus travel in the United States is widespread, and while not available everywhere, there are at least three daily routes in every state. Except for certain densely populated corridors, passenger trains in the United States can be surprisingly scarce and relatively expensive. The national rail system, Amtrak, provides service to many cities, offering exceptional sightseeing opportunities, but not particularly efficient inter-city travel, and is often just as expensive as a flight. In more urban locations, Amtrak can be very efficient and comfortable, but in rural areas delays are common. For those with ample time, though, train travel offers an unparalleled view of the US, without the trouble and long-term discomfort of a rental car or the hassle of flying.

It is normal in the USA to pay for the accommodation, not for the number of people staying in the accommodation. There are a number of types of accommodation in the USA. Motels are the most common type of accommodation you are likely to use in the USA. For all but the cheapest places and the slowest seasons, reservations are advised. In high-season tourist hot spots, hotels can book up months ahead. In general, many hotels offer specials on their websites, but low-end chains sometimes give a slightly better rate over the phone. Chain hotels also increasingly offer frequent-flyer mileage deals and other rewards programs.  Online travel booking, bidding and comparison websites are another good way to find discounted hotel rates – but are usually limited to chain hotels.

From night clubs to jazz clubs, there’s something out there for everyone’s taste. New York City and Las Vegas Nevada are definitely the hottest and coolest cities to enjoy a night out, but there are many other great cities with bustling nightlife. Atlanta is one of the party capitals of the US. From sleek clubs, laid back bars and trendy lounges, there is plenty of choices in Atlanta to enjoy a drink and dance the night away. San Francisco is another of the cities with the best nightlife in the US with an amazing night scene. San Francisco is full of nightlife hot-spots, many grungy-type pubs and elegant night clubs. Also, Miami in Florida is one of the most cosmopolitan US cities and boasts a buzzing nightlife, which is home to the lively Little Havana district where you’ll find an amazing Latin scene. Additionally, Miami Beach, South Beach and Downtown Miami are other main hotspots where you’ll find great nightlife and bars.



Trade shows in the United States of America:



Agro Chemicals America


Atlanta Gift & Home

BIO CEO & Investor Conference

Body Art Expo

Content & Communication World

CES: Consumer Electronics Show

Clinical Lab Expo





Design West

Enterprise Connect


Food Processing Expo

Global Pet Expo

Great Alaska Aviation Gathering

Healthy Living Expo

Home & Garden Market



International Lingerie Show

International Restaurant & Food Service Show New York

International Vision Exo & Conference West

International Watch & Jewellery Show


International Wireless Communication Expo

JA New York


NAB Show






NBAA Convention

NeoCon World Trade Fair

New York Fashion Week


Process Expo


The Chocolate Show New York

The International Surface Event

The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

World of Concrete

Additional Info

  • flag file: us.png
  • coat of arms file: us.png
  • capital: Washington
  • population: 315 870 000
  • area: 9 826 675 km²
  • languages: English
  • currency: United States dollar
  • GDP: $15.685 trillion
  • Int'l organizations: IMF, WTO, OECD, G-20, G-8, NAFTA Recommendations for Poland